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Meet Gabriel

Gabriel, who also goes by Gabe, is a friendly and likeable young man who enjoys participating in sports. He has participated in football, basketball, swimming, and track, where he participated in the 400 and 200 meter races. Gabe enjoys his English and auto shop classes but is not as keen on math or history. Gabe would like to work on cars as an adult or go into law enforcement. This summer, he will be interning with the local police department and plans on attending college after his high school graduation next year.

Gabe is an animal lover and especially enjoys dogs.  He enjoys spending time outdoors and loves fishing, hunting, and camping. Gabe is looking forward to camping in the Boundary Waters with the YMCA this summer. He likes rap music and enjoyed being in a music production class at his high school. Gabe attends two churches. His religious preference is either Baptist or non-denominational Christian. Gabe credits his football coach and his school social worker as being influential in his life. If he could travel anywhere in the world, Gabe would visit Switzerland.

Gabe describes himself as hard-working, straightforward, and optimistic. He would prefer to live with a married couple consisting of a mom and dad of any race.  Gabe is open as to whether there would be other kids in the home and is open to considering city, suburban, or small town life. Having pets in his adoptive home would be a plus but is not a requirement. A committed family would be rewarded by being part of this resilient young man continue to overcome and grow into a kind, caring, productive adult.

Following adoption, Gabe would need to maintain contact with his siblings.
Ref #:5355
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