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Meet Jaxen

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Jaxen is outgoing and chatty with a smile that can light up a room. He is filled with curiosity and likes to explore anything that he can, and he loves showing off his costumes and "stuffies" (stuffed animals) to new people he meets. He is the youngest of four brothers and enjoys any chance he gets to see and play with his older brothers. Jaxen thrives when engaged in hands-on activities, and he particularly enjoys origami, Legos, coloring, and playing video, computer, and board games. He also enjoys outdoor activities such as swinging, swimming, riding his bike, and camping. He loves learning new things, whether by watching instruction videos or being read to by his caregivers.

Jaxen is affectionate and kind and displays genuine empathy for others. He enjoys cuddling with caregivers and will hug them and say he loves them. Jaxen is motivated by his relationships with his siblings, especially his oldest brother. He is very bright and understands others. He is observant and knows when others are talking about him and he can follow a conversation. He loves being read to and then "reading" back the gist of the story. Jaxen would do best in a two-parent family that can provide him with consistency and structure.  A family without other children in the home would be ideal, so that he can receive the attention he deserves and needs.  He would enjoy having a pet.

Following adoption, Jaxen would need to maintain contact with his brothers and would like continued contact with his current foster family.  Only families living in Minnesota or bordering states are being considered at this time.
Ref #:5135
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