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Meet Elijah

Caucasian, Hispanic
Elijah is described as a fairly quiet, very polite and well-mannered teen who wants to make a good impression.  He enjoys outings in the community, going to movies, going out to eat and playing video games.  Elijah likes to do well in school and does well with hands-on learning.  He likes most foods especially pizza and tacos.  He would like the opportunity to play organized team sports, especially football.  Elijah likes rap music, superheroes and video games.  He is willing to do household chores as part of the family.  Elijah does well in a structured setting with clear expectations and coaching to help him learn new things.  Being part of an active household that does fun activities together would be a great fit for Elijah.

Following adoption, Elijah would need to maintain contact with his paternal grandparents.
Ref #:5405
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