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Meet Cole

Cole has a big personality and likes to talk and ask questions about all sorts of things.  He has no problem advocating for what he needs and asking for what he wants. Cole has a great sense of humor but also enjoys talking about serious topics.  Cole absolutely loves cats and could talk about them all day long. He grew up with cats in his home and it is extremely important to him that a future family already has or allows him to have cats once he moves into the home. Cole is a natural around animals and they are very therapeutic for him. He enjoys going out to eat. His favorite foods are pizza and wings. Cole enjoys reading and can get lost in a good book for hours. 

Cole really enjoys being around people and adult attention, but it is also important that he get his alone time.  Cole would do best with a family who is patient and has a lot of time and attention to devote to him.  He would benefit from having a positive male role model in his life.
Ref #:5425
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