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Meet Michael

Michael can be a very outgoing, talkative teen. Once he gets to know someone, he loves interacting and having long conversations. He can be sarcastic at times and has a great sense of humor - there is never a dull moment with Michael!  He is bright, creative, inquisitive and loves to ask questions.  Michael likes to have fun, try new things, and is fun to be around. Some of Michael's interests include tinkering/taking things apart and putting them back together, playing on the computer or watching videos/playing video games, being outdoors, fishing, being on the water and being creative! Michael loves his independence and social time with friends via gaming systems. A family who could find balance between being active and enjoying days at home would be ideal. Michael would benefit from parents who can provide structure, patience, understanding, flexibility and fun.

Following adoption, Michael would need to maintain contact with his siblings.
Ref #:5484
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