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Meet Kayden


Kayden is a very talkative and funny teen who loves playing with Legos, K'NEX and transformers.  He also enjoys spending time outdoors, watching superhero movies, playing video games and playing board games.  Kayden likes all kinds of food and has an appetite to match.  Kayden loves animals and would enjoy having a pet. 

Kayden would love to live in the country and have a big yard to play in.  A family who can provide a fairly consistent schedule, clear expectations, and has the ability to get Kayden to ongoing appointments would be ideal.  A family with no other children or only one other child in the home would be preferred, allowing him the 1:1 attention he deserves.  Kayden would like a family who will support him in learning about different religions, allow him to be a kid and play, give him space to grow and learn when needed, and love him as the unique person he is!

Ref #:5505
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