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Meet Ronald

American Indian/Alaskan Native
Ronald is caring and witty. When with Ronald, you can expect him to sing, dance, play pranks, and make jokes. He describes himself as silly, funny, shy, fearless, and helpful. Ronald enjoys spending time with others and likes joking around. He has a vibrant personality and loves showing off in front of the camera. Ronald enjoys playing football, basketball, pool, and ping pong. A couple of his favorite foods are pizza and mashed potatoes with gravy, but he isn't a fan of coleslaw, cooked carrots, or sweet potatoes. He likes superhero movies, scary movies, and Star Wars.

He enjoys participating in culturally specific activities that keep him connected with his Native American culture. Ronald okay with living in either the city or the country, and says that if he lives on a farm, he will need some boots. He loves dogs and cats. Ronald would do well in a structured home. 

ICWA applies.
Ref #:5543
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