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The Duluth News Tribune newspaper partnered with MN ADOPT in February, 2019.  Minnesota Waiting Kid (Minnesota children currently in foster care) will be featured monthly in their Sunday Pursuits section.


This Month's Duluth News Tribune Featured Child

Gabriel (15)

When initially meeting Gabe, you may think he is quiet and shy… don’t let that deter you from getting to know him as he is talkative and has a GREAT sense of humor once he’s been given the opportunity to get to know you! Gabe is quite tall for his age and often mistaken to be older than he is – when really, he is just a fun-loving teenager who likes to tell jokes and likes to stay active. He enjoys playing basketball and football and is athletic and competitive. Gabe puts a lot of effort in staying in contact with friends and working on relationships in his life. He also makes an effort to get good grades in school, and his hope is to always finish strong…..(Read more about Gabriel and inquire.)



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