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All About Me

Zero Kids Waiting:  All About Me!

The All About Me feature is part of our Zero Kids Waiting Program.  This is an exciting feature because each month consists of four weekly features about a waiting youth in MN.  Check back each week to find out something new and inquire!

September is all about Zaiden!

Week 3:  Q&A with Zaiden

Zaiden answers some questions for us:

  1. What makes you feel happy? Family.
  2. What is something you could teach others? How to play football and how to be a kind person and help when someone is mad.
  3. What cheers you up when you are feeling sad/mad? Being with animals.
  4. What bugs you? When people talk with a loud tone of voice.
  5. How can you help someone today? I can help an elder cross the street or carry their groceries.
  6. What makes you feel brave? When I can fight an injury without crying.
  7. If you could make one rule that everyone in the world had to follow, what rule would you make and why? I would not allow using phones in restaurants because people need to eat in peace.
  8. What would you like to do when you grow up? Be in the military.
  9. Where would you like to travel? How would you get there? Alaska and Hawaii. On an airplane, I’ve never been on one before.
  10. What is your biggest dream? To get an autograph from Odell Beckham Jr.

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Week 2:  Watch Zaiden’s Reel Hope Video

Week 1:  Meet Me

Zaiden is active, funny, and friendly and describes himself as, “strong, helpful, and kind.” Zaiden enjoys talking about sports, especially football and basketball. He also enjoys watching movies and playing video games, such as Madden 21.

Zaiden’s ideal meal would be at Cane’s, with an Oreo Blizzard for dessert. He likes being a helper and enjoys helping to cook meals, his favorite being taco lasagna. Zaiden also enjoys helping with building and handywork projects. Zaiden would enjoy going camping, swimming, fishing, and doing other outdoor activities with a future family. He would prefer to live in a suburb of the Twin Cities metro area, have both a mom and a dad, and older brothers.

Zaiden needs a family who is patient, calm, and engaging and can provide him with consistent supervision and structure.  Following adoption, Zaiden would need to remain in contact with his sisters.

Only Minnesota families are being considered at this time.

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